Episode 199 Fun with Foul Monkeys!

dsc00848.jpgListen as I talk with the podcasting duo Ricky and Herbe from the Foul Monkeys podcast! You will find out what happened to Herbe in just seconds into the show! From that point on, we get back to the regular format of the show and you will find more about this great couple: coming out stories, past relationships and how these two met and what an amazing story it is. You will find out how the podcast all began and what their goals for the future will be for them and the show!

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6 Responses to “Episode 199 Fun with Foul Monkeys!”

  1. Brothercasey Says:

    Very good interview. I had heard only bad things abou tthe Foul Monkeys, but I am going to check them out now.

  2. Archerr Says:

    So glad you finally posted this show. I think Herbe has had a few jobs since this interview. hehehe

    I wanna know the podcasters Ricky was talking about. The one he started out with, does he have a show that we all listen to?

    I totally know how Herbe is and I don’t take anything seriously he says. He’s funny and opinionated and that’s why we like him. 🙂

  3. Nessa Says:

    I love Ricky and Herbe! Hurrah for posting it Tom 🙂

  4. lauren Says:

    Loved this one, those boys keep me laughing.

  5. john q. public Says:

    Enjoyed the interview. I have to say that I have listened in the past and didn’t stay with it. Can’t remember specifics but I must have been listening when the racial stuff came up and I drifted away. I’ll give them another listen.

    And Herb has the sexist voice. Definitely podcast material!!

  6. (F)reddy Says:

    Having heard many a discussion about Ricky’s balls, I always want to call them Peaches & Herbe.

    I’ve enjoyed their shows. I ONLY WISH their first show I listened to at the office came with a “don’t listen to this show at the office” warning! Oh well. That’s what ear buds are for.

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