Episode 194 Need Your Input

photo.jpgListen to yet another show where I ramble about things that happened this weekend – Joe and I spent time with family and friends. On the rest of the show I talk about something else that happened this weekend and would like to get your input and at the end of the show I give you an update on Starbuck!

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4 Responses to “Episode 194 Need Your Input”

  1. Arthur (AmeriNZ) Says:

    It sounds to me like your ex wants closure, which you probably do, to. Many, many years ago (I was still in my 20s) I had a BF who dumped me suddenly and without explanation–or even really telling me. A few years after that, we met up and went for a drink where I was able to clear the air from my perspective. Once I said my piece, I stopped thinking about it, and all the pain went away. We left on friendly terms, though we never saw each other again. Maybe you need something like that so you can move past some of the lingering pain. But in any case, clearly Joe can help you. You’ve got one in a million there, and it’s good to see you’re not afraid to let Joe help you move on, but my advice is do what you need to do to close that chapter. As good as things are for you now, they’ll be even better once you do, and that’s the real point of the story above.

    Big hugs to you and Joe!

  2. Thom...Your Nashville Friend Says:


    I think that this has got to be one of my very favorite episodes from your podcast….which should mean a lot knowing how addicted that I am to it. I agree with the above comment. You have got to hand it to your “ex”. He really went all out to try and apologize and close his chapter. I appreciate your honesty and I believe that he will too. Say your peace and move on.

    I love you guy. You are a wonderful fella. Joe is blessed to have you and I can clearly see that you love him and you areloved by him.

    Your Nashville Friend,


  3. Casey Says:

    I sent a reply to this through gmail, as I wanted to keep it personal. I love you, my friend, and send my strength to you!

  4. john q. public Says:

    A new iPhone – I’m so jealous!

    Yeah, it sounds to me like he is trying to let you know that he was a horse’s patootie and although he doesn’t say it outright, he seems to be letting you know that he was responsible for breaking up your relationship. I would say he owes you more than an e-mail explanation – I’d think he could sit down with you, but this may be as much as you’re going to get.

    Regarding N├╝rnberg, the only time I was there was at Christmas and the Christmas Market was a big thing to do. It’s a beautiful city and if you are going there as part of work, you probably won’t have have much time to do tourist things, but the market square is beautiful. My suggestion would be to pick one or two things you would really like to see rather than try to do the 15-minute tour of everything. If it was me, I’d try to take in the big castle complex.

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