Episode 189 Matthew from Mormons Exposed

matthew1.jpgListen to this great interview with Matthew as he talks about his life, his work on a project called Mormons Exposed a calendar that feature men who have returned from mission trips all over the world. The calendar’s goal is to change the perceptions that people have about the Mormon community and the great thing about this is that profits from the calendar will go to a variety of charities as well. Matthew talks about his mission to South Africa and he has many great stories to share.

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4 Responses to “Episode 189 Matthew from Mormons Exposed”

  1. Casey Says:

    I love the interviews you have done with the Mormon boys. I like hearing about Mormonism in a positive light. I am not Mormon, but some of their beliefs are great.

  2. Paul_in_London Says:

    Y’know Tom, this episode and the one with Chad Hardy was really interesting and in a way uplifting. It was good to hear such a tolerant & accepting attitude from two members of the Mormon church. Not at all what I would have expected – they truly are excellent ambassadors for the Mormons. Well done, all round.

  3. (F)reddy Says:

    I’ve really enjoyed hearing the guys talk about their lives and their missions. It takes away some of the mystery a lot of us will never understand about their faith and their commitment to community.

  4. Hanford Searl Jr. Says:

    … LOL!?! As a former, gay LDS of 14-yrs. – who served a mission to the Pacific/Northwest & graduated from BYU in Broadcast Journalism – I find the “Mormons Exposed” project hilarious!

    – Excommunicated for being gay, I’ve written a book about my 35+ yr. career in the print media on both coasts for the mainstream-&-gay media (17-yrs. with “Billboard Magazine” in L.A., Vegas-&-here in the Bflo./Rochester, NY markets.) With a major lit. agent in NY, the book also details my expereince in Provo, SLC, Seattle-&-S. Cal. with the Mormon Church, especially major homophobe Pres. Spencer W. Kimball. As-well-as the annual witch hunts for gay students at BYU, which included electro-shock treatment & many resulting suicides!

    … Had two affairs with other LDS gay men, one African-American from my mission days (a high school principal) & a fellow heart patient here in NYS! & HOW about the Mormon Church’s $20+ million spent supporting Prop. 8 in CA.?!? NICE???

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