Episode 187 Chad Hardy from Mormons Exposed

mormons.pngAs many of you know that for the past two years of my show I have been trying to interview members of the GLBT community so the stories that are being told will help educate, entertain and hopefully change perceptions people have about the community. Today’s guest Chad Hardy wants to do the same thing with the Mormon community by doing a calendar called Mormons Exposed. It is a calender that has 12 men who are really really handsome and you will be amazed like I was with this interview with Chad. From how he found the models and how profits from the calendar will go to charity. He is very well spoken and he admits he likes to ramble like I do! 🙂 Hopefully by the time you hear the closing music you will think differently about Mormons. I really hope that you listen to Chad’s advice on dealing with groups who are against us!

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4 Responses to “Episode 187 Chad Hardy from Mormons Exposed”

  1. Casey Says:

    Awesome interview, my friend. I wish more people, Mormon or not, thought like Chad. I love his message of love and tolerance. I have known many Mormons, many of them I am related to, and many have similar views to Chad’s. I like the mention of the Temple Garments. (I find them to be very sexy!!)

  2. The work and the glory Says:

    What Mitt Romney did yesterday is right out of the Mormon playbook. They are taught to tap- dance around the truth with the ferocity of a Busby Berkley chorus line when asked about their actual beliefs. Of course, once you realize what those beliefs are, who could blame them? On some level, Mormons secretly know that some of the more ludicrous tenets of their pyramid scheme are hard to swallow. That is way, just like the sister faith (Amway), they try to wow you with how pretty everything is before they ask…

  3. (F)reddy Says:

    Great interview. Loved the calendar. While it’s a bit late in the year to get one now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a new issue next year!

  4. Wood Hughes Says:

    Chad Hardy is not a spokesman for the Mormon Church! He represents a moderate view of a very firm position that the Church wants the world to know. That homosexuality is an abomination to God. And this position will never change no matter how many people sympathize with same sex union!!! This calendar he is marketing with photos of shirtless return missionaries is against the belief that they taught their investigators while on their missions: That, part of living a chaste life is dressing modestly! This calendar is obviously pandering to to the gay community, and also to anyone who takes the same moderate position as Mr. Hardy! It represents nothing that is wholesome and delightful! It is a bad thing that Mr. Hardy feels that he must take the Church’s most impressive worldwide missionary program and equate it with lust!!! It will be an incredible thing if people who compromised their original values, may one day be shown the point of time in their lives that they started to rebel againts their God-given conscience. I’m sure that will help Mr. Hardy to understand where he erred in his life!

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