Episode 185 Puppy News and Winners of my Contest

I begin the show with some puppy updates and some funny stories for you as well. Next I was happy to meet a fellow podcaster by the name of David from That Blue Jeans Guy and we recorded a mini interview about his show and how he reached the 100th episode recently. I am happy to say I finally announced the big winners for the Itunes Review Contest and over fourteen items were picked tonight! Check out to see if you won!

Listen to Episode 185 on your computer right now!

Check out David’s site That Blue Jeans Guy

6 Responses to “Episode 185 Puppy News and Winners of my Contest”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Woo hoo I win not one but TWO soy candles by Phebezzz…my fellow vegetarian (= Love the show as always. The sound quality was nice, too, I might add. All your stories about your puppy bring a smile to my face. Thanks for helping me through my hard time of losing my dog. Good luck in all your adventures as a proud parent (=

  2. Tim Corrimal Says:

    . I didn’t win. But I will keep on listening because you are awesome.

  3. Nicole Says:

    You are reminding me why I am not getting a puppy, even though he is so freaking cute lol!

    I sent you an email about the candles. I never win stuff, squee!

  4. Paul_in_London Says:

    Awww ……I’ve gone all paternal listening to you talking about the puppy. I’d love to have one but in an apartment & the two of us out working each day – it really isn’t possible. Always had dogs as a child and had two when I was with David – and miss them still. That puppy is so lucky to get to be yours & Joe’s ……. the two of you will make perfect carers for him.

  5. John Q. Public Says:

    Yee-Hah! Thanks for the book. I’m looking forward to reading it. I like Bob Smith’s work a great deal.

    Happy ’08 to the boys and their puppy.

  6. Lauren Says:

    Got the candles today, they smell so nice! Even though the one I am burning is called Butt Naked, it smells nothing like butt. Nor am I naked.

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