A little snow

Ok here we go, it is December 31st and Joe and I invited some friends and family to ring in the new year and while that is going on – the snow came like crazy. On January 1st, Joe and I went for a little drive and I wanted to show you the video I took to show how much snow we received – well over 20″ in 1-1/2 days! You can click here to see the You Tube video or click here to view on a different player!

3 Responses to “A little snow”

  1. Casey Says:


  2. Lauren Says:

    You should have posted a video of what its like clearing half a foot of snow of your car. It took me 20 minutes on new year’s day. it drifted up one side of my car and I was literally knee-deep. Yuck! I’m moving to Hawaii!

  3. Nick Thomas Says:

    Very cool video Tom. I’m so jealous . . . we never get anything like that down here!

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