Episode 183 Kate Clinton

kateclinton2.jpgListen to this amazing interview with the incredible Kate Clinton. I am so honored to have her on the my show today. She talks about her life growing up as the middle child with her many brothers. She talks about her start in comedy, her wonderful relationship with her partner Urvashi and how they have been together for 20 years! She and I talk about many hot topics and how we both want to encourage everyone to get active so that we will not continue to be treated like second class citizens! In conclusion we talk about the upcoming election and who she is voting for and so much more!

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The brilliant picture shown above was taken by the talented David Rodgers.

7 Responses to “Episode 183 Kate Clinton”

  1. Casey Says:

    Great interview. Ms. Clinton is a very funny, interesting woman!

  2. Nessa Says:

    Great show, she is very charming.

  3. Archerr Says:

    Great interview with Kate Clinton. She’s very funny. I’ve seen her on TV before. I didn’t realize she was related to Bill. Did I hear that right?

  4. Thom...Your Nashville Friend Says:


    You did a great job with this interview by allowing Kate to not only give her information from her view of things, but also allowing her to inject her humor. It was great…probably one of the best interviews that you have done. It is simply incredible how you are able to set these interviews up.

    I thank you for going to my website and posting comments. It means so very much to me. I wish you and Joe a very prosperous New Year. I look forward to listening to more and more of your awesome interviews in 2008!

    Your Nashville Friend,


  5. epilonious Says:

    I really enjoyed this interview.

    I especially like the prospect of coming out when dating a Catholic versus dating a Quaker… cracked me the hell up…

    I also found her politics very interesting and genuine, quite a nifty lady.

  6. john q. public Says:

    I have to say that I don’t know Clinton except from her hosting of PBS’s “In the Life” episodes. She comes across as genuine and an interesting person to know.

    Congrats on getting the interview.

  7. Tim Corrimal Says:

    Fabulous interview with Kate! I really enjoyed it a lot.

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