Episode 182 Rodan from Pod is My Copilot

Here on the Ramble Redhead show I had the pleasure of talking with the three co-hosts of Pod Is My Copilot – a very very funny podcast that you should be listening to every week. Today I get to talk with Rodan about his life growing up, his family, his partners and so much more.

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9 Responses to “Episode 182 Rodan from Pod is My Copilot”

  1. Thom...Your Nashville Friend Says:


    Rodan from Pod is my Copilot has got to be one of the nicest men in podcasting. I could listen to his sexy voice all day long. He would certainly be someone that could eat crackers in my bed!

    Thank you for posting this podcast for us, Tom. I gave you a plug on their website (brownie points!!!). I am sure that I speak for all the listeners when I say that we appreciate all the hard work that you do putting these podcasts together. You are awesome!

    May you and Joe have a wonderous Christmas and a joyous New Year!

    Your Nashville Friend,


  2. Tim Says:

    Hey Tom

    You did an awesome job interviewing Rodan. I found your podcast through Pod is My Copilot and have really enjoyed listening to your podcast. You are a great interviewer. I also thought, before you said it in this Episode, that you should be the Gay Barbara WAWA! LOL That made me laugh when you said it.

    Keep up the awesome work and I look forward to more soon!

  3. Nessa Says:

    Tom! I know I told you on twitter, but I have to do it proper.

    I love me some Rodan hard. He is so funny and I love how comfortable you both sounded with one another. Great great show!

    XO, Nessa

  4. CSRizzo (aka: Candy) Says:

    Tom, you’re really warm and funny. You are able to make your guests relax and enjoy themselves. Very unique and wonderful. It was fun hearing what Rodan had to say. He has such a sexy voice. (waggling brows) Ok, so I’m straight doesn’t matter I can enjoy the view, right? Or the ear? Anyway, great interview. Who’s next? Oh and I also enjoyed the interview from Paul and Mike. Made me cry. Guess that wasn’t your intention, but it happens.

    So keep up the Barbie WhaWha style… (wink)

    Hugs and winks,

  5. kim beaver Says:

    Again a very interesting and intriguing interview. Very nice guest, cosy atmosphere and sexy voices – but, I can´t help it, there definitely was a most familiar, somewhat hushed, but clearly distinguishable clicking noise in the background.

    Very, very strange…. methinks there´s something fishy going on here!


  6. Paul_in_London Says:

    I second Candy in saying that Rodan has the sexiest voice. I listen to every Pod Is My Copilot episode and enjoy the interaction between the three of them. Interviews with other podcasters, like this one, all help to round out the contributors to us listeners – gives us a better idea of them as individuals so it was good to hear Rodan’s back story.

    Candy: – I remain surprised that so many people liked and/or were interested in what I had to say about Mike & I, and am so glad you enjoyed it. Mike listened to it a few days later and he himself got somewhat tearful, bless him.

  7. john q. public Says:

    Since I don’t listen to Pod is My Copilot (oops, sorry – I’ll have to put it on my list) I am intrigued by Rodan’s nom de podcast. I assume the name, Rodan, has nothing to do with the artist, Rodin?

    He does have a great, sexy voice!

  8. Tim Corrimal Says:

    Great interview with Rodan! I loved hearing his side of the backside story about things discussed on Pod Is My Copilot! Great job!

  9. (F)reddy Says:

    I feel like I’ve heard these stories before…COULD IT BE I’M CAUGHT UP!?!

    I had forgotten Rodan is a Wisconsin boy…rarrr. Enjered his stories…again.

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