Episode 178 More with Paul

dscf0241.jpgYou asked for it and here it is – the incredible conclusion with the delightful Mr. Paul as he talks more about his relationship with his partner Michael and dealing with his parents etc. Paul takes the time and gives some advice to podcasters on what they should do on their shows. We both give some kudos to Nick Thomas  and his show (see my blogroll to a link for his show) and encourage people to leave some feedback to the people behind the shows and so much more! Make sure you listen at the end for how my show is mentioned on other shows.

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4 Responses to “Episode 178 More with Paul”

  1. Nessa Says:

    Paul sounds like an adorable sweetheart! I liked the past couple of shows 🙂

    Glad your mom’s doing better!

  2. Paul_in_London Says:

    Nessa …..awww…now I’m blushing..

    Something I didn’t get around to mentioning and which I think is very relevant was that Mike & I have a monogamous relationship – it’s always been that way although there was a period around five years in when we briefly considered threesomes but the idea never really appealed and nothing came of it. So it’s been monogamy all the way.

    Another thought – you know how things sometimes come round in circles – after my cancer surgery I was referred to another hospital for the chemo. That hospital was the very same one where I met Mike all those years ago. On the first day of each treatment cycle I used to go along to the chemo unit, get bloods taken to see it all was okay for me to have the next dose. The results would take about an hour to come thru so I used to go out into the square in the middle of the hospital site to have a cigarette. At one side of the square was the small office building, on the ground floor of which is where we used to work together – and the exact spot where we first met. I would wander over and look thru the window of the office (it’s now used for storage) and think back to that time. In view of the situation I was then in- the chemo, not knowing if I was going to be around for much longer sorta thing – looking once more at that spot, the memory was terribly poignant. A sad time.

  3. john q. public Says:

    I’m on the road these days and so don’t remember the comments I was going to make. Of course I think it is very romantic that these boys got together finally after seven years. It could be a story ripped from the headlines – down to the alcoholism and bout with cancer.

    I watch FoodTV and there was an interview with Steve McDonough and Dan Smith and they dated for a summer, broke up, and got back together after 10 years! You know it has got to be better the second time around.

    Congrats to Paul and Michael.

  4. (F)reddy Says:

    I didn’t think about it until you asked Paul about how many podcasts he listens to on a regular basis…I seriously need help!

    Enjoyed the follow up.

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