RRV5 Guess who is moving in?

Sorry for the delay in getting an episode posted so I decided to upload this video for you to watch – Enjoy!

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5 Responses to “RRV5 Guess who is moving in?”

  1. john q. public Says:

    Nice seeing the picture of you and Joe together. So……..why is Joe standing on something? Is there significance to the fact that he is towering over you? Or do you just like putting your head on his tummy?

  2. Archerr Says:

    Aw…how cute! Congrats on moving in together!

  3. lauren Says:

    Yay how exciting! Hey I still have to meet you two…lets get this show on the road! hehe (=

  4. Casey Says:

    Hope you all will be very happy!!

  5. Paul_in_London Says:

    Mike and I wish you all the very best on this, the start of the journey of wonderment, love and total contentment that a long term relationship will provide.

    All-enveloping iHugs are winging their way across the Atlantic to you both.

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