Episode 170 Ernest Kohl

ernestkohl.jpgListen to this amazing musician Ernest Kohl as he talks about his life, his family, his career in music and many stories about his loving partner. This is a show you must listen to!

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4 Responses to “Episode 170 Ernest Kohl”

  1. Casey Says:

    Man, this interview tore out my heart. How sad to lose the one you love, and then have his family act like a pack of dogs, trying to take all he has. I feel such empathy!!

  2. John Q. Public Says:

    Regarding the way your uncle and Ernest were treated when their partner’s died:

    “It all changes when it comes to money.”

    It is not a very good commentary on human beings, I’m afraid.

  3. David-That Blue Jeans Guy-Byrd Says:

    Ernest Kohl’s story is one that shows up way too often. My partner had the same thing happen when his ex died several years after they broke up. They had divided their property when they broke up, so each got what he wanted.

    Still, the body was barely cold before his house got essentially looted by so-called “friends,” and then the family took whatever else was left and shipped it off to the auction house.

    Long and short of it: have a will in place and keep it updated.

  4. (F)reddy Says:

    Tragic story. We have spent lots of time and money getting our legal shit wrapped up for each other, as well as the kids. It’s funny how families can be so civil towards each other in life and turn into savages in death. With the addition of our first son, in looking for “god-parents” for them in the event of our deaths, we talked to our family members. Both of our mothers said, “Pick someone else…we’re too old to raise another child.” I didn’t feel I could leave them with one of my sisters, period; and my other sister already had 4 of her own kids. So we picked our best gal-pal as their “next of kin”. A couple of years later, after Adrian learned how to talk, my mom was visiting and our gal-pal called. When Adrian heard me say her name, he repeated, “Auntie TT coming to visit”? And I told him she wasn’t. He then asked if he could go live with Auntie TT, and I told him, “Not now…but when daddy dies you can!” And my mom said, “OVER MY DEAD BODY.” And I said, “Uh, ____, you had your chance to be the next of kin but you passed it up. TT is the next of kin now and if you try to fight any part of my will, you get nothing, not even visits with the kids.” She told me how “not nice” that was, but I felt it was important to talk in advance about what will be expected of “the family” after I’m not around. It’s a shame we have to do it, but we do what we gotta.

    Great show…

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