Episode 168 Joseph Keane

josephkeane.jpgListen to this amazing interview with Joseph Keane another great actor from the movie Naked Boys Singing! This movie will be playing at film festivals all over the country. For those of you who won’t be able to see it at the theater then you can check it out on dvd on December 4th – see the link below and place your order today and help support the show. Joseph talks about his life, his wide variety of work including working with Madonna and working on the tv show Frasier. He talks about his work on Naked Boys Singing and has some funny stories to share when he tells people about his performance!

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Check out Joseph Keane’s My Space Page

Check out Naked Boy Singing’s My Space Page!

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2 Responses to “Episode 168 Joseph Keane”

  1. Nashville Friend Thom Says:

    Love to hear Ramble’s guests tell of their “behind the scene” stories to expose what goes on. He does this again with Joseph Keane as he talks about how he was able to be naked and perform…singing. It makes me want ot go and see the movie and tell others to do the same. Ramble…you got me hooked! I loved how Joseph was able to talk about the whole experience which is something that you don’t normally hear. How do you get folks to do this, Tom?

    I’m soooo addicted.

    Thom…Your Nashville Friend

  2. MichaelAngelo Says:

    Thanks Ramble Redhead for the excellent interview. Joseph Keane is an interesting and engaging coversationalist. I really enjoyed his performance in Naked Boys Singing, he’s a talented performer. The fact that he’s really cute and has great legs is just gravy. Hope to see Joseph in more of his future endeavours.

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