Episode 166 Getting Naked with Joe Souza

It is a truly amazing interview with Joe Souza as he talks about his career in theater and movies. He talks about his new upcoming movie that will be playing at many GLBT Film Festivals and will be arriving on duty on December 4th

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4 Responses to “Episode 166 Getting Naked with Joe Souza”

  1. john q. public Says:

    I’d love to hear him singing because I love looking at him.

    Hubba hubba!

    I saw the show in NY with the BF. I look forward to the movie.

  2. Casey Says:

    Good interview. I want to see that movie!!

  3. (F)reddy Says:

    I TOTALLY wanted to see Naked Boys Singing when Jed and I took the kids to NYC last year. However, he works for a Catholic organization with a bunch of nuns and wanted to be able to see something that he could talk to the sisters about and said no to NBS. 🙁 Maybe he’ll let me rent the movie!!!

    Great interview Tom.

  4. James Says:

    Hahah I specifically listened to this wondering if he was going to talk about his soft core porno career, and sure enough you called him out on it! Though once you mentioned the first two you kind of glossed over the fact that he’s done more than 20 softcore flicks under 3 different names. Too funny.

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