RRV3 Popcorn: The Movie

You have been thrilled by Archer’s videos on toaster cleaning and dishwasher filling – then Tim from Go Rainbow Radio showed you how to do laundry and vacuum then Will from Erraticast did a parody of them as well!

Watch my video right on your computer.

6 Responses to “RRV3 Popcorn: The Movie”

  1. Ricky B Says:

    Hehe you said “Pull it out and enjoy!”

    Great video! 🙂 Damn microwave.

  2. Sharon Flewitts Says:

    “pull it out” now darling, I’m sure know that the “pull it out” method does not work as birth control or, to prevent the transmission of STDs… Oh… wait a minute! You are talking about the popcorn. Never mind.

    Sharon Flewitts
    The Safe Sex Church Lady

  3. Archerr Says:

    Great movie! Loved the “put it out” line too! How convenient for your chair to be on rollers so you can turn right around to get the popcorn when it’s ready. What will you do next???

  4. lauren Says:

    Hey! Glad we chit-chatted tonight. I haven’t forgotten about you! I’ve just been really busy with work and all that crap! Love the video, it was just so cute. And honestly, after I watched it, I wanted popcorn so I made some, too (=

  5. Casey Says:

    Hmm, all the dirty thoughts this gave me…

  6. Nick Thomas Says:

    Nice video Tom. I’ve never seen someone so excited to make POPcorn! BTW, you might wanna let your listeners know that while I have temporarily disappeared for iTunes I am still around and you can listen to my PODcasts @ http://nickthomas.org. How is that for self promotion Tom? Have a GREAT week. Love ya. Nick

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