Episode 160 Lunching with Joseph

This is part one of a few shows that Joseph and I recorded this weekend. Listen as Joseph and I have lunch at our new sponsor (just kidding) but click here to see who! Joseph and I talk about an upcoming event – a Lambda Legal dinner in Indianapolis and we are on a mission to find some new suits for the big event.

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7 Responses to “Episode 160 Lunching with Joseph”

  1. Nick Thomas Says:

    I love Lima beans and it just so happens that I cooked some today and tossed in a slice of bacon to season. You donno what your missing Tom. Lima beans are good for you. I like Turnip Greens too! Yum Yum! Nice podcast. One question? Don’t you feel a bit self-conscience doing a podcast in a busy restaurant? You ever find ppl are staring at you? N e way, eat your beans!

  2. Archerr Says:

    I love these episodes with Joe! Of course you know I wouldn’t eat ANY of those veggies. Make sure you take pictures of you in your new suits!

  3. Ramble Redhead Says:

    Nick and Archer

    Thanks for the great comments will post a new show with Joe and the pics will be included!

    Lima beans are still evil no matter what!

  4. john q. public Says:

    I cannot imagine how a lima bean insulted you in any way. It must be the texture because it doesn’t have that discernible of a taste – at least to me.

    They will help you grow big and strong.

  5. Tim Corrimal Says:

    Loved the lunch discussion with Joe. Eat your Lima Beans, Ramble. We just had them with dinner and they were very tasty.

  6. epilonious Says:

    Like all the other posters, I feel that episodes with just you and Joe are absolutely wonderful… and I also think you should eat your Lima Beans.

    Then again, Lima beans fit into that category where they smell better than they taste. The other things in this category that I can think of are coffee, alcohol, and perfume.

    This won’t stop me from suggesting that all the little kids in the world who hate Lima beans mail them to you instead of China.

  7. (F)reddy Says:

    So let me get this straight…YOU’RE a horrible driver too? 🙂

    So I was on the bus while I was listening to this and when you started talking about the nozzle adapter for cleaning out your bum I started laughing so hard that I started crying and the woman next to me asked if I was okay.

    Who knew listening to two queers eating lunch could be so much fun.

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