Episode 158 New and Improved

Just like your laundry detergent – the Ramble Redhead website has made a big change and to the better I hope! Big Shout out to Andy Melton for his hard work and dedication the new website! I talk about the new site and hope you enjoy it as much as I do. There are some new things that will be coming so stay tuned. I also read the comments I have received over the past few episodes as well!

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5 Responses to “Episode 158 New and Improved”

  1. Arthur (AmeriNZ) Says:

    Great show, Tom. It’s always good to catch up with friends, as you did today. As you know, I think podcasters sharing comments is a good thing because it involves listeners. But didn’t you say something about playing the My Chingo/MobaTalk comments, hm? Tsk, tsk. Just kidding with you. You know I love your show. Looking forward to the new guests!

  2. mike hipp Says:

    Congratulations on getting the new site up and working Ramble!

    Wowosa! That banner is really bitching….. good work to whoever did that!~

  3. Ramble Redhead Says:


    I did it again forgot to the play the My Chingo messages argh!! Sorry to Nick, Brian and Thom for forgetting once again – will do it in the next one!

    Mike Hipp

    Yes the person who did the banner did a great job – for the others it was Mike Hipp who did that for me! Everyone make sure you check out Podcast Soup and Soy Candles by Phebes!

  4. epilonious Says:

    Jeezus Christ, this new site is fantastic.

    Good job and kudos.

  5. Nick Thomas Says:

    Hey Tom,
    I like the NEW look even if the candle man had his hand in it! lol. Keep up the good work.

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