Episode 144 Tim Corrimal

On today’s show Ramble has a bit too much soda or sugar – you guess as you listen to this funny interview with Tim Corrimal – a truly great friend and fellow podcaster. He has two shows – his personal show called There Are Some Who Call Me Tim and his music show called Go Rainbow Radio where he features mostly independent artists. We learn alot about Tim and his life growing up – his coming out stories to family and friends. You also learn amazing details from Tim as he talks about a fellow podcaster Archer and you will be shocked as to what is revealed! Other shocking details from Tim as he talks about a hobby he had when he was younger – a show not to be missed!

Episode 144 <—click here to listen on your computer!

Check out Go Rainbow Radio’s Site

Check out Tim’s personal site

Check out Tim’s Go Rainbow Radio My Space Page

8 Responses to “Episode 144 Tim Corrimal”

  1. Biby Cletus Says:

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    Warm Regards from the Other Side of the Moon.

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    Kerala, India

  2. Tim Corrimal Says:

    Hey Ramble,
    Good show with me as a guest (grin). Great job on the editing. Julia Devereaux gives you 2 thumbs up!


  3. Archerr Says:

    Great chat with Tim. I learned more about him than I ever knew before….and I dated him! hahaha

  4. Nick Thomas Says:

    I especially like hearing shows about the lives of other podcasters. This was an excellent Ramble Redhead show. Do more of these please Tom.

  5. john q. public Says:

    Nice interview. I really liked hearing about this very grounded-sounding guy. I guess I’m really enjoying these new podcasts from guys who are older. Interesting that we think the podcasting is for the really young, and yet the best podcasts and guests are those who are have some history.

  6. epilonious Says:

    Wonderful show. I thought Tim was a real sweetheart and I am now subscribing to his podcast (dammit, like I need another one to fall-behind on 😉 ). I can’t wait to see what sorts of Dance music he has compiled. *crosses his fingers for Inaya Day*

    Thanks for putting this together Ramble.

  7. VJnet Says:

    Tim told me stories about her Drag Queen days. And wow! Those are some fab photos of her. Fun show. Love ya’ll 🙂

  8. (F)reddy Says:

    I thought Archerr’s comment was hysterical!

    Interesting interview. I thought I was listening to someone talk about MY life, except my daddy wasn’t a baptist preacher, and I’ve never lived in DC and, well, okay. It wasn’t anything like my life, but still very entertaining.

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