Episode 139 – Catching Up

Listen as Ramble talks about what has been going on since the last personal show: Things are going great with Joe – each day he shows what a great guy he is and how lucky I am to have him in my life! I give you some movies that you should check out and would love to hear your movie recommendations as well! Check out the movies listed on the left and have your own movie night and help support the show!

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4 Responses to “Episode 139 – Catching Up”

  1. Nick Thomas Says:

    The death of my mom was the darkest time in my life. Made darker still knowing my mom went to her grave believing the teachings of fundamentalist Christianity in regard to homosexuality.

    I know from her words the burden this belief weighed on her in her final hours. I remember her words to me during her last stay in the hospital before her death:

    “You make it hard on me.”

    I knew what my mom was saying. I made it hard on my mom by being honest, by revealing that which we are told from an early age is a shameful existence. And thus we are told to be ashamed, to deny, to lie.

    I hate the church for what it has done to people like my mom. To burden them with a fear many take to their grave. My mom was a good mother. She shouldn’t have had to worry in her final hours. And I will resent the church for what it has done to confuse innocent people into believing a story written long ago by those incapable of understanding human sexuality.

    I continue to live my life despite the hurdles placed in my path by the ignorant. I am not ashamed of who and what I am. One day (in the not so distant future) I hope to live in a land where people are truly free. It is to late for my mom to see this truth. I must live with this. It isn’t always easy. But it is what was left me of the church. And it will follow me to my end.

  2. Casey Says:

    So far this year, my Mom has been hospitalized twice, and my Dad had a stroke. I spent most of the time scared to answer my phone, for fear that they passed. They are better, but I still have that fear.

    I am happy to hear that you and Joe are doing so well. You deserve a man to love you!

  3. Ian M Says:

    Again, Tom, u pour ur heart out. I am glad that Joe is slowly coming round to going to Church with you. Have read Nick’s blog and my heart yearns for him. It even produced soem tears as I read it. The fundamentalists have so much to answer for. I used to be one and struggled with what I was told about being gay to the extent I wanted to end my life. I am free of all that now and serve a God that loves ALL mankind. I am proud to be gay, proud to have gay friends, proud of you Red that u give up ur time to produce the blog to help others along the road.
    Glad all is well with your lovelly man!!!!

  4. john q. public Says:

    I love the fact that the first thing that Joe thought of when you were stuck in the woods was the fact that he worried that his family would think that you stopped to make out!

    I love it!

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