Episode 138 – Part 2 with Garry Posey

Listen to the amazing conclusion with Garry Posey as he talks about his work in the theater and how he met Matthew Shepard and we talk about the tragic event that forever changed the GLBT community. He talks about meeting Matthew’s mother as she spoke all over the world about her son. He talks about plays he is working on right now and would like you to come see the shows if you are in the area!

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6 Responses to “Episode 138 – Part 2 with Garry Posey”

  1. john q. public Says:

    Matthew Shepherd’s murder was one of our most unbearable losses. It was so cruel and senseless. His death caused me to do one the largest displays in my classroom to try and get discussion going among the students about the side effects of homophobia.

    I’m sure that Posey’s connection with Shepherd will last forever.

  2. Nick Thomas Says:

    Interesting story about how Garry met Matthew Shepard and the coming out story. Thanks for sharing this interesting interview with all us in the online community. I have been following the reports of violence as members of the Gay community in Russia attmpt to march for pride. It makes me realize how far we’ve come here in America. But I wonder if hate is only hidden just beneath the surface here in America. It may be that it is only the rule of law that protects us from those who follow the porported laws of God versus those of civilized man.

  3. Ian M Says:

    Really enjoyed this interview, together with the first one. Such a calm and informative interview. Must have been an honour meeting Matthew Sheppard. Would be great to get his mother on the show.

  4. Arthur (AmeriNZ) Says:

    Great interview. It was so interesting to hear a personal view about Matthew. And some of those shows sound really interesting, too.

  5. David-That Blue Jeans Guy-Byrd Says:

    The second half of the interview was even better than the first half. It was fascinating hearing Garry talk about his having met Matthew Shepard and giving us an insight into how Matthew really was.

    Thanks for such a wonderful interview!

  6. (F)reddy Says:

    I was so fascinated by hearing the story of someone who actually knew someone I have/had such a deep admiration for. Seeing the things I’ve seen about Matthew, and hearing the things Garry had to say, makes me wish I had known him personally. Thanks for another brilliant interview.

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