Episode 129 Taste of Indy – More with Joe

Listen as I attend the Taste of Indianapolis and hear all about the food I was able to try this segemnt was brought you Rolaids (just kidding) and then I recorded more with Joe as we make our way to lunch on Sunday. Stayed tuned near the end of the show for a special contest – you can win something!

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6 Responses to “Episode 129 Taste of Indy – More with Joe”

  1. Tim Corrimal Says:

    Fun show. Sounds like you are loving the Edirol. The restaurant you spoke with the lady about, 120 West Market Grill, is in the lobby of my hotel. They have a great breakfast buffet that luckily is included with my room. But expensive at $14 if not included with the room.

  2. ian M Says:

    Luv the chats with Joseph!! now how can u ask him what restaurant and then when he names it u say, ‘NO’!!! Ur soo sexy together!!! Look forward to the picture of the cat walk!!! Dogs are a great pick up, but now cats – Joe has started a new rage!!!! Dangerous to get Joe to ask the questions!!!

  3. Archerr Says:

    Oh my gosh…sounded like you ate a LOT of food walking around there. And YUCK, I agree about that sushimi or however you spell it. I did guess a lot of those songs but I didn’t write them down. I did like the 80’s stuff.

  4. VJnet Says:

    Wow! This track made me so hungry. Just hearing all the names and the descriptions of the food . hummm. And Your two are so cute.

    What was your favorite dish that you ate. I gave you five stars 😉

    P.S. i’m having the hardest time trying to post a comment… I keep messing up the “word verification” thing.

  5. Arthur (AmeriNZ) Says:

    I loved the tour of Taste. I couldn’t believe how much stuff there was! However, don’t be so quick to knock sashimi–if it’s fresh it’s great. So’s sushi, for that matter.

    It’s great to hear you and Joe together, too. This episode was a lot of fun.

  6. (F)reddy Says:

    There’s a “Taste of Austin” as well…I had no idea it was a national thing. The restaurants that generally participate are ones that I couldn’t afford on a regular basis.

    I’ve never mentioned this to you, but I LOVE “food shows”…not when you jerks talk about delicious food at 8 in the morning when I’m starving, but one of my FAVORITE television shows is “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” where they go around to various places around the nation and share all the wonderful food choices available out there across our country. I SERIOUSLY, sometimes, plan vacations around restaurants I’ve heard about! For example, when we go to San Diego in July, we’re eating at a place called Ho-Dads that I heard about on DD&D. If I ever make it to Indianapolis, there may be a few of these places on my list of “must dos” as well.

    Thanks for sharing.

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