Episode 127 – Meet and Greet and Easter

Yes I know it is a week later – a bit dated but what the hell! The show starts off with shopping with Tim Corrimal as we go to Soho and then quickly changes to the Meet and Greet of the gay podcasters. It was a busy night and tons and tons of people and I was able to talk with many fans and big shout out to them for coming!

Episode 127 <—click here to listen

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Check out my New York Meet and Greet Pictures Click on the link to see them and leave comments!

3 Responses to “Episode 127 – Meet and Greet and Easter”

  1. Stevie B Says:


    Thanks for putting me on — my podcasting debut. Your recorder’s quality is excellent; no one could tell from listening how impossibly loud it was in that place! (I know I was shouting, but it’s not obvious when you listen.)

    Great to meet you, and keep up the great work.

    Stevie B.

  2. Arthur (AmeriNZ) Says:

    The quality of the recording was great and I couldn’t tell that it was obnoxiously loud except when one of you said so. Good choice in recorders!

  3. Ian M Says:

    Loved hearing the New York scene again!! Good for Joe liking FCUK. I enjoy wearing my shirts and having the looks from people – they think I am soo rude!!! I usualy buy their wear in the UK on the sales – cheaper. Joe would enjoy Diesel as well. They make great jeans!! The music level was excellent, added to the mood. Could hear everything.

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