Episode 126 Podcamp NYC

As many of you know that I went to New York for a Podcamp NYC conference for podcasters – They had a session for the gay podcasters and Mark Tafoya was the leader of the group. I thought it was an interesting discussion and hope you enjoy it as well. Here are the other podcasters who were there:

Chef Mark Tafoya
David Vess, Librarian, Univ. of Illinois
Richard Bluestein, Yeast Radio
Bicycle Mark
Larry Vader, Little Fatty Cast
Chris, Somewhat Special Chris
Tim Corrimal, Orlando and Dennis, Go Rainbow Radio
Nick McNeely, Question of the Week, IfNotNow.net
Kiki Molinari
Jeffrey Keefer
Dick Wolfley, channel125.com
Tristin Borland, Jaded City, queercasters.com
VietJohn Tran, VJNet
Bradley Traynor, Wanda Wisdom, Big Gay News
Mark Baratelli, Lady Raptastic, IMakePodcasts.com
David Buckingham & Brian Griffin, The Occasional Fag
Cheryl Merkowski, whorehole.org
Randolph Wicker

Episode 126 <—click here to listen

Check out my New York Meet and Greet Pictures Click on the link to see them and leave comments!

6 Responses to “Episode 126 Podcamp NYC”

  1. epilonious Says:

    Neat show!

    It sort of felt like more of a convention than a meet-and-greet, but I thought a lot of the topics were interesting mainly because I work as a consultant with these sorts of problems.

    I’d say for the whole archiving thing… all that needs to happen is someone showing up with a 4-TB raid array, a decent website for signing up and validation (to make sure podcasters are in fact podcasters and not people trying to squirrel away kiddy porn), and some scraper software. As Richard pointed out (I remember reading he was a Database Administrator), tagging and indexes will allow the comment to be found many different ways as the creator chooses.

    Thanks for recording it Ramble!

  2. Nick Thomas Says:

    OMG, Tristin is SO HOTTT!

  3. john q. public Says:

    The whole archive thing is very interesting. Naturally, a library would be at the forefront of that.

    What will be truly interesting is not only the archiving but what process will be developed to retrieve discrete portions of the information. There is simply so much information that without good access points, it would seem that the information will simply be buried under the pile of new information generated every day.

    It’s a 2.0 world.

  4. ian M Says:

    Was interesting. Far more to podcasting than just listening. The archive was interesting. Thanks for taking the time to record this.

  5. jch Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for coming and thanks for gathering this amazing group of artists together. Hope you’ll be able to have something similiar for PodCamp 2.0.

    Best and thanks,
    John C. Havens
    Lead Organizer,
    PodCamp NYC

  6. (F)reddy Says:

    I totally agree with Bradley about our people being a population than a community due to the cross-over nature of our culture. Interesting discussion.

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