Episode 125 – Q. Allan Brocka

Amazing interview with director Allan Brocka as he talks about his life growing up in Guam and all over the US. He talks about his coming out process, his early start in movies and how he was able to get involved with great gay movies like Eating Out, Eating Out 2 and his new movie Boy Culture which will be in theatres soon! Go support gay movies!

Episode 125 <—click here to listen

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5 Responses to “Episode 125 – Q. Allan Brocka”

  1. john q. public Says:

    What a riot to listen to you guys talk about all the resources that were NOT available in the ’80s — try becoming a teenager in the early 1960s!

    I admire so much that he was so brave to attend a support group at age 15! I can’t even imagine having tipped my hand at that age.

    I’m quite looking forward to “Boy Culture” – good luck to Allan.

  2. Matthew Rettenmund Says:

    Great interview! The Rambling Redhead meets the Gabby Guamanian. Thanks for tipping me off, and glad you liked the movie!

  3. Paul Says:

    Great show I was impressed with Allan and really enjoyed Eating Out as well! Looking forward to seeing Boy Culture!

  4. David b Says:

    Great show Ramble

    And you know I had to rush out and see Boy Culture as soon as it opened here in NYC at the Quad. Well did not go on opening night, but did see it in its first week!

  5. (F)reddy Says:

    I know I saw “Boy Culture”, cuz it’s rated 4-stars on my Netflix Notebook…however, I can’t say that I remember it. If I remember correctly, I think I was really either disappointed, or confused (probably confused!) by the ending??? Thank GOD I finally heard of a film you’ve talked about on your show!

    YAAAAY, another military brat. I’m sensing a pattern here.

    Did we grow up in two different 80’s?!? I’m fairly certain “Men” (f/k/a “Advocate Men”) was a staple under may mattress during much of the early-to-mid/late 80’s…seriously. It’s the reason why I suffer from “princess and the pea” syndrome now…

    GREAT interview…despite my pokin’ fun at y’all. Glad I FINALLY heard of one of your interviewies…I feel like I’m, now, at least 5% gay!!!!

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