Episode 124 More with Joe

Ramble talks with Joe once again and we talk about the last show and listeners who left comments as well. We talk about our upcoming trip to New York and he tells a cute story about his cat Bristow!

Episode 124 <—click here to listen

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8 Responses to “Episode 124 More with Joe”

  1. Casey Says:

    Just as I thought, making out during the podcast. You dirty, dirty man. hehe

    You should post a pic of Joe walking Bristow, that would be sweet.

    Another great show. Have Joe on more often. He has a great voice.

  2. Arthur (AmeriNZ) Says:

    Great show! It’s always interesting to hear couples interact like this, and then there was the bonus of learning about Bristow the Wonder Cat! Pictures of walking the cat walk would be cool.

    Have a great time on your trip!

  3. David b Says:


    For thursday night you should go to the TKTS booth on 46th and BWay at 7:00pm and get 1/2 off broadway tickets. if you show up at 7, an hour before curtain, there is very little line and then you may even have time for a slice of pizza before curtain time. As far as changing the hotel, there shouldn’t be a need to change, the Hotel New Yorker is right at the 34th street stop of the A train, and if you are staying in Chelsea you could even walk there. Looking forward to seeing you at the meet and great.

  4. RambleRedhead Says:

    Thanks for the comments guys – it really means alot to Joe and I! Pictures of the amazing Bristow will happen when we get back from NYC!

    Casey – Yes I am dirty dirty man

    Arthur – Glad you are listening

    David B – thanks for the directons I am going to need the help!

  5. Archerr Says:

    Joe sounds a bit tipsy in this episode. Did you say you were drinking Gallo wine??? I’m not sure I would recommend that one. The boyfriend and I visit Virginia wineries and drink Virginia wines so we’d be able to suggest any of those. Doubt you can get them in your area. When you know when you’re coming to DC, let us know. If we are free, we’ll get together.

  6. john q. public Says:

    Pretty funny about the cat dumping in the boss’ office. At least your boss had a sense of humor about it.

    I have to say, I can’t imagine any cat walking on a leash.

  7. Paul Says:

    Loved the show with Joe and thought the cat story at the boss’s office was very funny!

  8. Ian M Says:

    Oh, another great show!!! I love these the best. Joe is such a scream – and walking his cat on a leash – that must have been some sight!!!
    U two are soo naughty!!!!

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