Episode 122 – Gays in the Military and Chat with Joe

As many of regulars listeners/readers know – gays in the military has been a topic that I feel strongly about and with the General Pace’s lovely comments a few weeks ago made me want to read to you an article on this very topic. It is amazing how not to long ago the government would not allow any people to join the military if they had any kind of felony or really any charges such as too many speeding tickets. Today with the war lingering on, many deaths on both sides and how retention is not where it used to be – the government has made some drastic measures so that drug dealers, murders, etc are able to join.

On one hand you see how these people are living their lives and have made some dramatic changes but nothing is guaranteed at all. Many people join the military for a variety of reasons but it is important to remember we are who we are – a group that should be proud of what has been done for us and to keep striving to made our towns and cities a better place for us all.

The rest of the show is with a short talk I have with my guy Joe and he shares some stories that will make you laugh – I sure did. It has been an amazing past six months with him and I am lucky to have him in my life.

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6 Responses to “Episode 122 – Gays in the Military and Chat with Joe”

  1. john q. public Says:

    What a riot! Joe’s story about hearing this kid at 2:00 in the morning knock on his niece’s window and the confrontation with the boy in his underwear and t-shirt!

    He must be a light sleeper! — and a good uncle.

  2. RambleRedhead Says:

    Thanks John

    I am glad to get Joe on the show and I am sure he will be back soon!

    He has many stories to tell and i can’t wait to share them!

  3. Casey Says:

    A few points. General Pace can kiss my lily white butt.

    Joe is funny! The story of his niece and the boy reminds me of my two oldest brothers. They would be the ones going to visit late at night. Teenagers are fun.

    Were you two smooching while recording?

    Great show. Hope to hear more from Mr. Joseph.

  4. RambleRedhead Says:


    Glad you enjoyed Joe on the show – yes we did kiss so sue me 🙂 I can’t help it – really enjoy him alot!

    He will be back again soon!

    Thanks for your comments!

  5. Nick Thomas Says:

    What disappointed me most about President Clinton’s two terms in office was his caving to the fanatical right wing and adopting the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” legislation instead of allowing gays to serve openly. I will never forgive Clinton for this and the Defense of Marriage act. With friend like this . . .

    N e way, it might have been worse! We’ve seen what Bush has wrought upon our land, our world.

    Joe has a very sexy voice! I’m really turned on by sexy voices. Good catch Tom.

  6. Ian M Says:

    Well this show was a hoot. Nearly had an accident driving teh car and listening!!!

    And Joe, well what can anyone say about him. Now I truly believe the 2 of you were between the sheets, and what was the ‘rise’ Joe talks about!!! – Hhehehehe

    The 2 of you would do great together on rambleredhead. Oh well enjoy the gym this morning and the movies u watch. Hugs

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