Episode 121 Three B’s

In the month of February I was in Charleston, SC for a sales meeting and one night very late I took a walk on the beach and talk about thoughts that are running through my mind as I listen to the ocean. Talk about a friend from the church, relationship issues, bitching about my job and begging for you my lovely listeners to let me know what you think of the show.

Another funny surprise is at the end of the show – make sure you listen to the end!

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4 Responses to “Episode 121 Three B’s”

  1. john q. Says:

    So, is this you singing at the end?

  2. Casey Says:

    Great job with Candyman. I could tell you were having a blast as you sang.

    I like how intimate the discussion was. It felt like I was sitting across from you as you spoke. You shared some deep thoughts, my friend.

  3. Nick Thomas Says:

    Nice show Tom! Always cool hearing you just talk about those things happening in your life. Sorry for being so long about commenting on your podcast. I am so far behind. O my, “The Candy Man.”

  4. Ian M Says:

    Oh Red, Ur such a romantic!!! Loved the show and again just loved you being ‘you’. You are very brave to share your deep thoughts with the world. That is what makes the show so special.

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