Episode 119 – Staying True to My Name

Listen as I talk about many things – First of all I talk about General Pace’s comments and how he needs to keep his mouth shut, the great guy I love, gays in the military and how people are getting smarter about accepting gays in all forms of this world we live in. I talk about an email I received I received about a solider who died in Iraq and the coverage by the local paper – please make sure you click on the link below and get choked up like I did. We all need to stand up for what we believe in and not be ashamed of what other people think.

Episode 119 <—click here to listen

For some reason, I am not able to load this picture to my site – here is a link for the picture: Pic of the woman Click on the link to view.

Photo was by Todd Heisler of Rocky Mountain News

4 Responses to “Episode 119 – Staying True to My Name”

  1. Archerr Says:

    I was good to hear you thought a bit more about open relationships. It was good to hear that while they may not work for you, they may work for others. And the relationships don’t necessarily need to end because of the open part. Touching story of the guy on the plane. I almost cried.

  2. Michael V. Says:

    Bet it felt good to get all that out, Tom! 🙂

  3. Ian M Says:

    Tom, again u show how sensitive and open u are. Truly a good part of you. Enjoyed it.

  4. Casey Says:

    You made me laugh and you broke my heart, all in half an hour. I am humbled everytime you mention me on the show. Thank you.

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