Episode 117 – Interview with Chad Allen

Listen to this amazing interview with actor and producer Chad Allen – as he talks about his childhood and how his acting bug began at a very young age – he did television commercials and then began working on St Elsewhere and his career grew from there. He talks about his life growing up in California and how he was outed by the Globe and what his thoughts about websites that are trying to out people. He talks about his latest work playing a gay detective movies that are currenly on DVD and play on the HERE! channel.

Episode 117 <—click here to listen

Photo by Mark Lee

Photo edited for this site by Mike Hipp

Check out more info on Chad Allen by going to Chad Allen’s Fan website

7 Responses to “Episode 117 – Interview with Chad Allen”

  1. mike hipp Says:

    Ramble, you went off your format with Chad…. how interesting.

    Really great… I mean outstanding picture of the two of you by the way!

  2. Ian M Says:

    A really good interview. Enjoyed it. Also teh pic is excellent – well done/

  3. Jello Says:

    Hi RambleRed Head,
    I’ve been catching up on your interviews and just wanted to tell you that I’ve enjoyed them immensely. The interview with Mike Hipp was terrific. He seems like a down to earth, really special man. I like his constitution. I wish him the very best with his business, his website and his love, and will mosey over to his website and make a purchase. Thank you, RambleRed head for these captivating, wonderful interviews that shed light on other peoples journeys. My best friend came out fearfully 4 years ago and it’s been a wonderful, lonely, enlightening, terrifiying and ultimately, freeing experience for him. What an truly important thing you are doing. Thank you.
    Shelly in New Hampshire

  4. Casey Says:

    What a great interview. I am suprised how much of Chad’s early work I have seen.

  5. poetographer Says:

    I’ve had a crush on Chad Allen since he was on St. Elsewhere and we both had bangs… The crush grew into respect after an interview in the Advocate a few years ago when he discussed his spirituality. Loved hearing more about him in his own words.

  6. David-That Blue Jeans Guy-Byrd Says:

    I’ve always admired Chad Allen as an actor, and as a person. We seem to have some similar beliefs, and it’s nice to know that at least one more gay man is helping to chip away at the erroneous thought that a person cannot be both gay and Christian.

    Chad does seem to have his mind in the right place, and that alone will guarantee that he has a long career. Now, mainstream Hollywood needs to catch up to the times and give this guy a leading role worthy of his talent!

  7. (F)reddy Says:

    I think I must be a bad gay! I didn’t know who Chad was either! In my defense, I didn’t get my first television until 9 years ago, and even then I only got it to watch the news!

    Great interview Tom. I agree with what Mike said up above about the change of format…the “question(s) from the audience”, nice touch.

    I appreciated what Chad had to say about the many christians he knew that were growing tired of other christians (presumably the “fun and mentalist”) using their christ as the dividing line between church and gays. I know I paraphrased that, but…that’s just what I do.

    I also chuckled when he was talking about his new film (and yes, I realize I’m late!), “Save Me” and in his discription he says, deadpan and almost bored, “and I find myself falling in love with Robert Gant…”. As if “falling in love with Robert Gant would be a BAD thing! HA! How can I get THAT film roll!

    Great interview. I’ll make an effort to check out some of his older stuff.

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