Episode 116 Interview with Mike Hipp

Listen as Ramble is happy to say he gets to talk with Mike Hipp – the man behind PodcastSoup.net (a site where you can review all of the GLBT podcasts) and he has a side business called Soy Candles By Phebes which are very good.

Mike tells us about his life, his marriage, his partner John and so much more!

Episode 116 <—click here to listen

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  1. john q. public Says:

    I posted a comment on Mike’s Web site as I had never been to his personal site. He has a nice, laid-back sound.

  2. Nick Thomas Says:

    Soy Candles by Phibes! Felt a bit weird listening to this interview after all the drama from a week ago. I was hoping you’d ask Mike what (after two years into his LTR) had made things work out between he and his lover. Interesting to hear that Mike is from NW of Memphis. Sounds like geographically we were quite near to one another. You informed me this interview was taped prior to all the drama so it was kind of interesting hearing you talk about my podcast to Mike. I guess I hadn’t been added to his shit list at the time cause he never had an unkind thing to say about me here. I know Mike says here that he hasn’t the time to do a podcast. But it really does not take that much time. I’d encourage him to do so. Something was said in the interview about Mike reviewing podcasts. I think what he actually does on his site is recap his favorite shows. So is candle making Mikes only job? Or is this just a parttime venture. I wasn’t clear on that. N e way, I maintain that Mike mis-characterized my comments Archer Radio and Little Fatty Cast and until he acknowledges this I will not be buying any Soy Candles by Phibes. 😉

  3. Mike Says:

    Hi Ramble, thanks for having me on your show. I really had a good time. I had forgotten a lot of what we talked about. You’re a good conversationalist.

    After all the podcasts that I have appeared on, I finally feel like I’ve arrived now. You’re kinda like the Barbara Walters of personal interview podcasts you know.

    Thanks again. Had a blast.


  4. Tim Corrimal Says:

    Barbara Walters aka Ramble Redhead,
    What a great interview with Mike Hipp. Dahling, that was me you were talking about. I introduced Archer to Buck Jackson, and I was the one who said Nick sounds like Bill Clinton.

    You really need to join us all at Podcamp in NYC.

    Ramble Redhead ROCKS!

    Tim Corrimal

  5. RambleRedhead Says:

    Thanks guys for the great comments! Truly means alot to me!

  6. Casey Says:

    Okay, I have to say this. Reminds me of Rent. “Would you light my candle?”

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Ramble, how do I email you?? I’ve looked all over your blog and can’t find a link or an actual address. Perhaps it’s hidden in plain view and I just haven’t noticed it yet. Is it rambleredhead@yahoo.com ?? Did you take the pics of Mike Hipp??

  8. Buck Jackson Says:

    Oh Lord….the previous comment was by me, Buck Jackson. I didnt realize it was going to post as anonymous. Silly rabbit.

  9. Nik-in-Paris Says:

    Great to hear more about Mike. I love what he does on PodcastSoup.net. Thanks guys!

  10. (F)reddy Says:

    Ya know, I think, now that you mention it, podcastsoup.net is how I found out about a bunch of y’all. But what the hell ever happened to…? It seems Mike and Soy Candles by Phoebes was everywhere all at once, and now both seem to have fallen off the face of the planet.

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