Episode 114 – Part 2 with Michael

This is the conclusion with Michael as he talks about how he met his hubby Ernie and he shares some interesting stories about reality tv, his marriage, his mom and so much more.

You get some great laughs from this show as Michael is an amazing guy.

The attached pic is Michael and Ernie on their big day!

Episode 114

5 Responses to “Episode 114 – Part 2 with Michael”

  1. john q. public Says:

    Tom, thanks for the shout out. Philly is doing just fine but I suppose that critical events in one’s life do cement the fabric of a relationship (or destroy it in some cases, I suppose). I can tell from Michael’s discussion that it was very important that Ernie’s having known his mother is one of those foundation events that help tie a couple together.

    On another topic, I’m so happy to hear that Michael and Ernie went for the big celebration for their ceremony. It must be a great family that celebrated three brother’s weddings all in the same year and (I assume) with equal importance given to all.

  2. Feast of Fools Says:

    I think I worked this wedding at Pops’ for Champagne. The guy on the right hit on me. I thought it was strange.
    Just kidding, but I did work the wedding. They seemed very much in love.

  3. Casey Says:

    What a sweet story.

  4. Ian M Says:

    A nice sweet interview! Good luck to both of you. You sound very happy.

  5. (F)reddy Says:

    Dear GOD! I felt like I was watching two kids with ADD trying to thread a needle while listening to this! I honestly think you covered everything, no…really, EVERYTHING. 🙂

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