Episode 112 – Valkentines Day

Listen as Ramble talks about Valentines Day – and why it is spelled that way – is it a day of love or a day you want to ignore! Hear a story from a fellow podcaster – responses from people on what kind of day it is for them and he gives you a special surprise at the end of the show!

Episode 112

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6 Responses to “Episode 112 – Valkentines Day”

  1. Archerr Says:

    Hey…when iTunes got this episode, it was only 2 seconds long. Might want to look into that.

  2. Nick Thomas Says:

    Hey Tom,
    Since I do not have a bf 🙁 I do not have any Valentine’s day stories to tell you. I guess its sort of sad now that I think about it that I don’t have anything to share with you and your listeners. Most of my recent relationships with guys have been more about sex than love. It would be nice to find someone who would/could love me. Somehow I doubt that will ever occur. Thanks for the Michael Buble intro song. I wouldn’t mind making him my next husband. So nice to hear you talk about your love for Joe. Sweet. Always love listening to your shows! Let’s talk soon. Much love, Nick

  3. Nick Thomas Says:

    Wow Tom! So you can sing? How cool. Thank you for sharing the song with us.

  4. Casey Says:

    First off, f*** Single’s Awareness Day. Too commercial, anti-Hallmark soliloque.

    The thing about bringing sexy back, receipt, etc. is from the song SexyBack by Justin Timberlake. Great song.

    Good singing. HAd an Elvisesque vibe thang going. WHen singing, if you come in a few bars too early, go WHitney Houston and make it appear that youmeant to come in early. That is what vocal runs were created for.

  5. john q. public Says:

    Tom, I know your voice very well. I would NEVER have recognized that as your singing. Wow! I thought it was terrific!

    I don’t care what the Grinch-like world has to say – yes, Valentine’s Day is commercial, and yes, they jack up the flower prices – but considering the state of the world, I don’t believe we can have too many days which encourage us to express our love. So, bring on the flowers and chocolate (myself, I got a new book Homo Domesticus and some loving! Yea.

  6. Ian M Says:

    Gosh, yet another talent – u sing – what a great voice. That is what makes this show so great – u are who u are on the show. I had tears in my eyes and running down my cheeks on the cross trainer when u told the story about the dance u and Joe went to. What a romantic Joe is. The shows just get better and better!!!!

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