Episode 110 Interview with Matt Blender

Listen as Ramble talks with Matt Blender from Okay So Radio podcast – he talks about his life growing up in Michigan, his dealings with his family and their reaction to gay people in his family and his big move to Chicago a few years ago. He talks about the inspiration of his podcast and how our shows have both changed our lives and for the better.

Okay So Radio

Episode 110

3 Responses to “Episode 110 Interview with Matt Blender”

  1. john q. public Says:

    Matt has a great voice – and after looking at the Flickr account – cute!

    It is interesting what finally pushes someone into podcasting – and it is too bad that it had to be something so awful for Matt.

  2. Nick Thomas Says:

    I loved this interview with Matt. Anyone who hasn’t listened to Matt’s podcast really should give him a listen. It will be interesting to hear Matt’s eventual coming out to his parents. No hurry. Everything happens at its own course. In its own time. And I’ll keep listening. Thanks Matt for sharing your story with us.

  3. (F)reddy Says:

    This being the third such interview, I find it interesting that he’s such a “big fag” online, yet so very closeted to those he ‘loves’. Weird to me. Despite the shitty situation that threw him into the podcasting realm, I’m proud of him for taking a negative and making it such a positive. Great interview, both y’all.

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