Episode 109 – Weekend Update

Ramble does what he does best – talks about the weekend, comments on what other podcasters have been talking about and a movie you need to see and a few bad jokes to tell you.

Episode 109

3 Responses to “Episode 109 – Weekend Update”

  1. john q. public Says:

    Interesting. There is a lot of discussion in education about the value of extrinsic motivation like awards for the long-term value of encouraging students to work harder. As you said, once you get the award, how long does the significance last if you put it in a drawer someplace?

    That doesn’t mean that awards don’t have a place – we all like to be recognized for our work.

    In another topic, thanks for mentioning “Boy Culture.” I’ve added it to my Netflix list.

    Hello to Joe!

  2. Ian M Says:

    Am slowly trying to catch up. I loved the jokes and again how u share ur life with us. I consider it a real privilege how public u are with ur feelings.
    The jokes were good as well. Will make sure I use butter!!! Had a good laugh at that on the cross trainer. The person next to me thought i was slightly crazy!!!

  3. Michael Says:

    Look! I’m catching up! I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast, let along the last 10 Nobel Prize winners. I don’t think ever covered that on Schoolhouse Rock. 🙂

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