Episode 108 – Driving the Night Away

This show is my way of saying thanks to my loyal listeners who have commented on my show and the great guests that I have had on recently. I talk about a new show I really enjoy and give you some other bs to listen to. Hang in there – another great interview will be posted soon.

Please leave a review on Itunes for my show – I would greatly appreciate it

Also a special note to John Q – hang in there my friend!

Please let me know what you think of the show – I appreciate all of your support!

Episode 108

6 Responses to “Episode 108 – Driving the Night Away”

  1. Nick Thomas Says:

    Hey Tom,
    Thanks for all the kind things you had to say about me on your podcast. I loved just listening to you offer your thoughts. I love your show. And yes it was nice talking to you on Tuesday night. Know that you have a new listener and I’ll keep spreading the word about your great show.

  2. Michael V. Says:

    Yay Brothers & Sisters! Ernie likes to count down to the weekly Sally Field breakdown. 😛

  3. Casey Says:

    Stay strong, John Q. Better days will come.

    TOm, you are too kind.

  4. John Q. Says:

    Oh, yes, “Brothers & Sisters” is terrific. Definitely my favorite gay-flavored show, although “Ugly Betty” is good. I hate the Alex/Alexis direction. How stupid is this?

    “What the hell are you thinkin’?” sounds exactly like my dad. He was mister fly off the handle and we never really developed a close relationship. Sounds like you have bridged that gap.

    I have to check out Nick Thomas’ show as he was just on Archerr as well.

    Thanks again for the your expressions of concern, and thank you Casey as well.

  5. Ian Says:

    Thanks, Red, for taking us into ur family and sharing ur personal life with us. Thanks to Joe for sharing you with us!!!
    As far as Brothers & Sisters is concerned – the best show would not miss it at all.
    Again a top show – well done!!!

  6. (F)reddy Says:

    I couldn’t agree more…Dave Annable is probably one of the most delicious things on television right now…though Balthazar Getty is nothing to sneeze at either. The show is just eye candy all around.

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