Episode 104 – Part 2 of Interview with Rebecca Nay

Hear the conclusion with Rebecca Nay as she continues to talk about her life.

5 Responses to “Episode 104 – Part 2 of Interview with Rebecca Nay”

  1. JOHN Q. PUBLIC Says:

    Interesting conversation about the guy at work who was gay-supportive but didn’t believe gays should be able to be married or adopt but you managed to change his mind.

    Congratulations to you for standing up for yourself and all of us.

  2. Casey Says:

    Rebecca has such a great story. She is helping me to understand transgendered more. FOr that I am thankful.

  3. Epilonious Says:

    I sync with Casey. I feel like am learning a lot more about what a transgendered person has to go through. The perspective from a community and personal level helps me identify better with “ick, that would make me feel horrible, I’ll need to make sure that I don’t treat people like that”

    Cheers, Rebecca. I hope things are going well, and Thanks Ramble for this interview 🙂

  4. Rebecca Nay Says:

    Thanks everybody for your kind words

  5. Kelly Says:

    Got your message… shoot me an email with details of how you go about doing the interview…skype?? telephone? Jeff is shy, but i would be interested… sternkelly@yahoo.com Thanks for stopping by my blog and i will spend sometime on yours soon… looks cools, i want to hear some of these interviews… what would you suggest as some of your best??

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