Episode 103 – Part 1 of Interview with Rebecca Nay

Listen to the incredible interview with Rebecca Nay as she talks about her life growing up, the coming out process and the other amazing aspects of her life. She is truly an amazing person.

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  1. Casey Says:

    The adorable actor is Steve Sandvos. He is a cutie!!

    I am from a Mormon family, and have Mormon friends. I know how hard it is to get away from the religion. HTe thought of ignoring your desires for your lifetime is cruel and ludicrous!!

    Great interview, by the way.

  2. JOHN Q. PUBLIC Says:

    I agree with Rebecca that the Internet has changed the whole gay thing a great deal. There is so much information out there that gay teens can easily know they are not the only ones out there and there are plenty of gay-positive pictures and information to help combat the negativity of the right-wing religious nut jobs.

    Having said that, I still think about the boy who posted his story on JUB where he so wanted to not be gay that he started cutting himself – even though he felt pretty sure his family would have no problem with his being gay. It was only when the father discovered the cutting that he forced his son to come out to him and let him love him as a gay son.

    That “ramble” is just a way of saying that your interviews are still important because even though there is all this gay-positive information available, it isn’t enough. It takes a lot to combat homophobia at all levels.

  3. Poetographer Says:

    Really enjoyed the interview with Rebecca Nay. Her story shares so many elements with anyone who’s found that real life exists outside conventional boundaries. We all need to realize that a person is a person whether or not we can empathize with her/his situation. I was especially moved when I heard her experiences of diminishing accepatnce within the gay community as she evolved from “butch stud” to her true self. As a man in the “gay community” I am always surprised when someone writes off transgendered people with “I just don’t get it.” Guess what? Straight folks don’t usually “get” us either, but we expect respect. Let’s show the same to others. Wishing all good things to Rebecca, and hope to hear another interview after her surgery.

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