Episode 99 – Interview with Jonah Blechman

Listen as Ramble Redhead talks with star of the movie Another Gay Movie and he talks about his life, his life as a dancer and actor and how he was able to get the part of Nico in this very funny movie.

Episode 99

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3 Responses to “Episode 99 – Interview with Jonah Blechman”

  1. Casey Says:

    I saw the movie he did with Leo and DeNiro. It was very moving. It is good to be able to hear from the real person, as it tends to allow one to seperate the actor from the character. I loved Another Gay Movie, it was hilarious and very daring!

  2. JOHN Q. Says:

    The picture that you have posted looks so much NOT like his character in the movie, I couldn’t figure out which of the four he was! The magic of Hollywood, eh!

    Interesting that Jonah doesn’t identify as gay because he sure made a believer of me in the movie!

  3. (F)reddy Says:

    Queer, gay, bi. What’s the difference? I have friends, good friends, that believe in the “fluidity of sexuality”…I don’t get it, but I respect it. But if it walks like a queer duck, talks like a queer duck, and has a dick up its ass like a queer duck…well, you do the math. I wonder if this stance is taken as to not be type-cast into gay roles? Cuz we all know how accepting Hollywood is of gay actors. Or is it even relevant?

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