Episode 97 – Part 2 of Interview with Joe Kort

Listen to the conclusion of the interview with Joe Kort as he talks about all aspects of relationships: dating, money, staying together and so much more.

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Buy Joe’s Book: 10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do To Find Real Love

2 Responses to “Episode 97 – Part 2 of Interview with Joe Kort”

  1. Casey Says:

    Another great interview. I will have to remember Joe’s advice when I find someone brave enough to date this big ole ball of crazy!!

  2. (F)reddy Says:

    I’m curious about the advice he was given, “just fight back”. I feel that’s counter-intuitive to our culture, particularly in our youth culture. To be honest, I really feel it was reckless. In our whole “Matthew Shepherd”esque society, do we really want our kids going out to their bullies saying, “You wanna fight? Stick your head up my ass and fight for air.” “Fight back”? Really? Okay. I respectfully disagree.

    Regarding the monogamous discussion; perhaps he’s right. Perhaps we’re not “wired” for monogamy, but isn’t that really the point of commitment? I guess, technically speaking, you could make a choice in your commitment to not choose monogamy, but… gosh, I’m so confused.

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