Episode 89 – Interview with J Michael Haas

Listen as Ramble talks about the very talented writer and singer J Michael Haas as he talks about his life coming out, how he began his writing and singing and so much more!

Episode 89 <— click to listen to today’s show!

The Daily Purge <— check out the great show starring J Michael Haas and Rob Lindley

5 Responses to “Episode 89 – Interview with J Michael Haas”

  1. Michael Says:

    Well, between RR talking it up to me and now this excellent interview, I have now become a subscriber to the Daily Purge! Thanks guys!

  2. Casey Says:

    Not talking about being gay with the family, that would kill me, but I am glad it works for you. WHat beautiful eyes Michael has!

  3. Pecos Bill Says:

    Hey, Redhead. Lose the “Well, cool!” unless you want to become the next drinking game.

  4. Fausto Fernós Says:

    He’s also a nice guy. We met him here in Chicago and he was a lovely fellow.

    Congratulations on getting the Pressie nomination!

  5. (F)reddy Says:

    So John is the hot one…I always wondered which was which. I love his voice…both hearing him, and hearing what he has to say. I particularly enjoyed the evolution of The Daily Purge (as I often tried to figure out why it wasn’t “daily”!)

    Having heard this after hearing their whole “daddy’s coming to dinner” episode, I wouldn’t say his story makes him a “bad gay”. If he’s cool with being the elephant in the room, and it works for him, then so be it. Regarding whether he would ‘hide’ his boyfriend from his family, “depending”, I agree it does, in fact, depend. Would you take someone you just met at the bath house last night? Certainly not. However, after a multi-year relationship with someone, I think it shows a tremendous amount of disrespect to that person to shove baby in the corner.

    I find it odd that, on one hand, he says he needs to respect the ‘others’ (family, etc.) left back in his small home town, yet he’s very obviously out there and not a “bad gay” on his own show. I curious why he’s not worried about anyone finding his dirty truth back in Iowa through his own show. Maybe folks in Iowa don’t have Ipods??? I’m not shitting on John. I think he’s a very wonderful and talented person, and I wish him the best of luck.

    I did have to chuckle at the comment above…you did say “well cool” A LOT during this interview! Not enough to get me buzzed though.

    BTW: I know this is old news, but thought I’d point it out again…the gay couple has two sons, not a daughter! Just had to be an ass…again! hehehe

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