Episode 81 – Homo Movie Night

Thanks to Paulie’s help I was finally able to get the Homo Movie Gang to talk about this week’s movie “Things to Do Before You’re 30” and they are happy to tell you what they liked and disliked about the film. I need your feedback!

Movie info: It was directed by Simon Shore and he also did the film “Get Real” another great film.

Episode 81

4 Responses to “Episode 81 – Homo Movie Night”

  1. Casey Says:

    Hmm, the movie sounds interesting. I added it to my Netflix queue.

  2. JOHN Q. Says:

    Me, too. I’ve just added it to my Netflex cue. How did you find out about this movie? In perusing the gay list I never ran across this title. Maybe it was there and I just missed it. At any rate glad to hear that this one was a generally well thought of.

  3. RambleRedhead Says:


    On occasion I do a search for GLBT movies and this come came up. Often I will go to Amazon and do a search there and then go back to Netflix and see if they have it.

    Hope you enjoy it.

  4. Casey Says:

    This is a sweet, good movie. The accents took a moment to get used to, but it was worth it. This is a movie with heart.

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