Episode 80 – Interview with Josh Zuckerman

Listen as Ramble talks with the amazing artist Josh Zuckerman as he tells about his life, his coming out and his amazing career in music. He talks about the great artists he has performed with and talks about his second cd that will be available to you August 16th. Hear two songs from the cd including the number #1 most requested song “Out Fron Under” and the very touching “Guilt and Shame”

Episode 80

Josh Zuckerman’s website <—– click here

4 Responses to “Episode 80 – Interview with Josh Zuckerman”

  1. Imma (blank) Says:

    Josh Zuckerman, a talented, handsome… wow! loved the show!!

    stay close – Imma

  2. Casey Says:

    All the good looking men on the show, and me! Josh is very talented. Something about his voice and lyrics touch me. Josh has made a new fan!

  3. JOHN Q. Says:

    I couldn’t help but think about your discussion with Josh about kids being true to themselves and hopefully their lives will be easier as gay individuals. I think this is true. I don’t think the kids of today will struggle quite the same way previous generations have done. Kids coming out in their teens in high school are going to change our society. It may not be soon, but it will change. I can’t wait for our own “Brokeback Mountie” marriage to happen within our FBI or military.

    As to Josh – wow are those pictures of him HOT!!! Definite boyfriend material.

  4. (F)reddy Says:

    Dear god! If the boy’s kindergarten teachers are stripped down and splayed on a brick wall on the first day of school I’m going to be in a world of trouble!!!

    Interesting…another person who’s parent(s) reaction was more of a concern of lack of grandchildren!

    Great interview. Being from “The live music capital of the world”, I dig getting turned on

    to new music. 🙂

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