Episode 79 – More BS just for you

Listen as Ramble does what he does best and tells you all about his exciting week!
He gives you two new podcasts you have to check out!

Episode 79

The Family Jewels

The Daily Purge

5 Responses to “Episode 79 – More BS just for you”

  1. JOHN Q. Says:

    We had great hopes for “Adam and Steve” for homo movie night but it started out horribly. It ended up okay but the production value was pretty bad and I thought I would kill the actor/director/writer at the beginning where he kept tugging at his hair as the goth character. And the reason for them breaking up later on in the movie was ludicrous. Having said that, it ends sweetly and the actors’ hearts were in the right place. (sigh) I had so much more hope for it.

  2. RambleRedhead Says:

    Hey John

    Thanks for the comments on the Adam and Steve I have it on my Netflix list and will let you know what I think.

  3. Archerr Says:

    I love the idea of homo movie night. I’ve seen so many of the movies you guys have seen. And yes, I’m still listening to your show. 🙂

  4. RambleRedhead Says:


    Thanks for the comments and glad you are listening! I enjoy your show as well.

  5. JayT Says:

    Hey –

    Ok, now you are podcasting, driving, and listening to your GPS _ I get yelled at for doing LESS that that!!!

    Also, Advil Cold and Sinus is the BEST daytime cold. (am on it now)

    Loved the show – looking forward to listening to some of your interviews.


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