Episode 76 – Interview with Casey

Hear this amazing story of courage from a new listener Casey as he talks about his life and how a tragic event made his come to realize so much about himself and more.

Episode 76

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3 Responses to “Episode 76 – Interview with Casey”

  1. JOHN Q. Says:

    Casey must have come a long ways in order to be able to talk about this. I do think that his success with therapy is a wonderful example of how to come to grips with something horrible. It is doubly so because he was dealing with the struggle with sexual identity as well.

    I do not understand how someone could abuse a child in such a manner. I’m so glad he was able to put it behind him. Bravo, Casey.

  2. Casey Says:

    Thank you, John q.

  3. (F)reddy Says:

    What a horrible thing to have happen at such a young age. I would TOTALLY suggest, if Casey is strong and confident today, that he write a letter to the guy (if his mom hadn’t already!) and say, “Hey, I remember this, this is how you made me feel, and this is how it affected my life”… and send it to that asshat annonymously. It might make him feel better about the situation today to place some of that shame and guilt on the person who deserves to feel the shame and guilt. And by “annonymous”, I totally mean sign your name, just leave off your return addy, unless you want to make your return addy your local police department!!! This isn’t “revenge”, Casey, it’s something that this fucktard needs to know how his actions affected more than just one persons life.

    For you, Tom, I wanted to address the high-school reunion thing. You should TOTALLY go. The best revenge is living well. If you’re (again) strong & confident today, you should totally go back to THOSE PEOPLE and show them how well adjusted you are today. You may be surprised to learn that the folks from your past who made you feel the way they did, that THEIR lives are completely tragic and you come out smelling like a gay rose.

    I know he touched on his mother’s initial reaction, I’d be curious to know if there was any contact between Satan and his folks after the disclosure.

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