Episode 73 – Good news and bad news

I was elated to see the other day that my show has been nominated for a podcast award and it is all because of my wonderful audience for your support! From July 28th to Aug 11th you can vote again for my show and I hope you will. You can vote each day – Please help by going to this site Podcast Awards Click on the picture to place your vote!

Updates: Kim Char Meredith – a great singer has a new cd available – you can buy it from her website – click on her name to go there!

I would also like to ask for your good thoughts for two dear friends: The first goes out to a great supporter of this show – his name is Gene and his partner is Tim they have been together for over 24 years and Gene is having surgery and so I want to send some best wishes to him and would appreciate if you could do the same.

My other dear friend in the podcasting world is Mike Hipp – who is the man behind the site Podcast Soup <— click on the name to see the summaries of the GLBT podcasts including my show! Sadly, his father passed away and so I want to take this time to tell him I am so sorry for his loss and hope he will be able to get through this tough time.

Episode 73

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4 Responses to “Episode 73 – Good news and bad news”

  1. ReMARKable Palate Says:

    Ramble, your link to the Podcast Awards is just a link to the image on your blogger account. You need to make that a link to the actual voting page so people can help you win!!!

  2. RambleRedhead Says:


    Thanks for the tip – thanks for helping me getting this issue resolved. Hope people will vote!

  3. Casey Says:

    First off, my heart goes out to make during this tough time. He is included in my prayers. Also, I am praying for both Time and Gene, and I hope everything turns out well.

    I voted. It was easy, and I will keep it up, so Tom can win!!!!!!!1

  4. (F)reddy Says:

    Soooooooooooo, didja win???? Do I get the answer if I keep listening???

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