Episode 72 – Interview with Archer

Listen as Ramble talks with fellow gay podcaster Archer from Archer Radio as he talks about his life, coming out, how he met his boyfriend and we get to hear why he wanted to do his own podcast!

Episode 72

Archer Radio <———— click on his show website

3 Responses to “Episode 72 – Interview with Archer”

  1. Imma Says:

    Mista Ramble,

    Congrats on your nomination for ‘Ramble Redhead’ on the Podcast Awards for GLBT!!

    Best wishes – Darrin (imma)

  2. Vincent Says:

    Always enjoyed show starring with Archerr, thanks for inviting Archerr to your show. I totally love it 🙂

  3. (F)reddy Says:

    Wait a second…isn’t Archerr still “42”! 🙂

    So nice to hear the Godfather’s story from a different perspective. I like how he said, “If I don’t want to talk about it, you’ll just have to respect that”, and then went on to spill like a 2 year old without a lid on his cup. The story about him coming out to his mother was just about the funniest thing ever.

    One thing I find very interesting about Archerr is that he’s mentioned several times about “screamin’ children…mis-behaved children”…etc., yet he’s picked a career path (working in daycare, school teacher) that puts him directly in the path of the little monsters.

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