Episode 69 – Thank You and Paulie

This show is in two parts – the first is to thank all of you wonderful guests and listeners who have been helping with my show! Kudos to fellow podcasters: Archer, Remarkably Mark, John Q, Peter, John, Joe, Casey, Dennis, Goose and so many many more people!

The second part is a new segment called Under the Covers with Paulie – he and I will talk about various topics – this week is a weight loss contest – who will win?

Episode 69

3 Responses to “Episode 69 – Thank You and Paulie”

  1. Casey Says:

    Tom, best of luck with the weight loss. I know how hard it is to get your body to where you want it to be. Just remember, never give up!!!! You should totally post before and after pics of both you and Paulie!!

  2. RambleRedhead Says:


    Thank you for the support – it means alot to me. I am doing this to help encourage Paulie to go after a goal and being able to stick with it. I remember when I was 215 lbs and wanted to lose the weight and never thought the goal of getting to 180 lbs was possible. I did it within one year and have been able to maintain for years. Now with doing this I know I can make it to 170 lbs! I will keep you posted!

  3. Archerr Says:

    Hey Tom…catching up on your shows….were you chatting on ManHunt while talking with Paulie? hehehe

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