Episode 65 – Interview with Susan

Listen to the incredible interview with Susan who is a great singer who loves to support tht GLBT community. She has been all over the world and has been on television, movies and so much more! She tells all about her character she plays on stage called Lavinia Draper!

Please NOTE: The show was recorded in April thus the reference to the winter weather! It was horribly delayed in getting posted.

Episode 65

2 Responses to “Episode 65 – Interview with Susan”

  1. Epilonious Says:

    *disclaimer X 3* I was mowing the lawn when I was listening to this, so I missed every 5th word… but the 4 in between were golden */disclaimer X 3*

    Ahhh, what is it about the New York club scene of yore that seems so wonderful and magical… probably all them Atlanta Drag Qeens sashaying there way in to bust-up the joints :D. I really enjoyed listening to Susan’t take on things… and it was cool to hear her opinions on coming out and personal responsibility.

  2. (F)reddy Says:

    Was Tom even in this interview? Susan sure did give you a run for your title!

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