Episode 59 Part 2 with author Rich Merritt

More from Rich Merritt as he continues to talk about his life serving in the marines, doing porn, a certain article in the New York Times and Advocate, coming out to his folks and he life getting into drugs and so much more…..

Episode 59

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3 Responses to “Episode 59 Part 2 with author Rich Merritt”

  1. Epilonious Says:

    Meh, I think the Advocate was upset that Rich didn’t wanna do their porn.

    There is also probably the fact that the Advocate is supposed to be the news end of a publishing arm, so some cognitive dissonance between the various journalists and producers is to be expected.

    Otherwise, ick with the drugs. I’ve always had sort of a fear with those sorts of things… never been drunk, never been high, etc. Oh well, to each their vices. (it’s not like I’m THAT pure of heart… I’ve flamed too many people on the internet!)

    Damnitall for ending the show right before I can figure out whether Rich and “Brandon” are still together.

  2. Casey Says:

    Rich Merritt is a hero of mine!

  3. (F)reddy Says:

    “Kind of a stigma about doing porn”??? That’s like saying, “there’s KIND OF a possiblity you can gain weight from eating nothing but McDonald’s”! I’m not saying I WOULDN’T date someone that had been in porn, I just think it’d be hard. I mean, if I were to watch his past videos, I’d constantly be thinking to myself, “How come WE never fist? Why don’t you ever scream ‘captain’ for ME? How can you even feel my dick in there after you’ve had HIM in there?” You know, things like that. I’d constantly be comparing. And yes, I would insist on seeing the videos my potential porn partner had been in. Over and over and over.

    The most important thing he said, “What difference does it make what people do in their personal lives.” Amenz. Shame on The Advocate for throwing him under the bus.

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