Episode 58 – Part 1 of amazing interview with author Rich Merritt

Listen as Ramble talks with author Rich Merritt as he talks about his life growing up in the south, entering college and the military and how his life changed when he decided to give gay porn a try. Hear this and more about his life and his amazing book “Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star”

Episode 58

Rich Merritt’s website <—- click here

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4 Responses to “Episode 58 – Part 1 of amazing interview with author Rich Merritt”

  1. Epilonious Says:

    *fainting happy sigh*

    Naked Military Menz on videotape got me through most of College… So if Rich ever doubts whether anyone appreciates what trials and tribulations he went through…

    Otherwise, this is turning out to be a real pod-drive-spinner interview. Damn you RR for making it a four-parter. But at the same time thank you for doing it.

    It’s sort of like a two for one… you have a deliciously-accented man from South Carolina (I used to deliver pizza to Fort Jackson during Summers in Columbia *fans self*) talking about being gay in the Military… and what it’s like to break into the porn industry…

    In the meantime, I don’t think Yates makes several million dollars off of one film… I think he makes about $30-40K per film over a very long span of time… and porn stars probably only get big-time salaries if they are stabled (pardon the pun) exclusives that the production companies can trailer around and parade at various trade shows and press-junkets. I always thought $166/hr was a damned good rate… but at the same time I never considered the fact that you are signing your image away instead of the standard liscensing afforded to actors.

  2. JOHN Q. Says:

    Wow! I probably ought to listen to this once again as there was a lot of different stories here. I did like hearing that someone coming to the realization that he was gay at 25 doesn’t make my 27 seem so retarded.

    I think it is interesting that these guys in the military think they can get away with doing porn. It must be a mind set because I would always assume that I would get caught. Same with going into the military. It’s interesting to hear these guys talk about it because I wouldn’t have even considered it because I would assume the hostility of the mindset – and again – I would get caught anyway.

  3. Brother Casey Says:

    Wow, where to begin. Rich Merritt’s book came into my possesion before I came out. His book inspired me to have the courage to finally look myself in the eye and say “I am gay!” (just like in the book)

    I learned about Tom from Rich’s website, right bout the time I began to come out to family. THese two men have been immensley important to me over the last several weeks!!

    I was happy to be abled to hear Rich’s voice, so I could attatch a human voice to the voice I heard in the book, if that makes sense.

    I am thankful that we have such excellent role models to look up to. While neither of these men is perfect, they use their mistakes and history to help guide us as we journey down our paths. I can never thank them enough!

  4. (F)reddy Says:

    Uh, did you both seriously say watching a dude jack off does nothing for you? Where’s the honesty in these interviews!

    This was a great interview. I always wondered where Dirk got those military guys…and if they were “real”! Not that I’ve seen any of those videos myself. I mean, they don’t really do anything for me!

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