Episode 57 – Interview with Rob and David from Audio Stimulation

Listen as Ramble talks with Rob and David about their podcast and their lives and the things they love to do….they are big fans of Rent and loved Brokeback Mountain. Make sure you listen to conclusion of the show with the brilliant and funny promo for show! Please note: This show was recorded in early April but due to technical issues – we had to delay it until today!
Episode 57

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5 Responses to “Episode 57 – Interview with Rob and David from Audio Stimulation”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow – yet another great interview! I enjoyed listening to the this show and looking forward to checking out their show!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Epilonious Says:

    Heee, Wonderful interview… reminds me very much of how I met my Boyfriend: Internet acquaintance, breif makeout with “no, I really like you, we must not sex yet”… and then communicative mostly-bliss.

    As much as I hate to play internet sociologist… it seems like a lot of the gen-y people are doing their successful dating through the internet whereas the gen-x people or wiser seem to look down on internet meetup sites as a place solely to troll for ass. I guess that the internet seems to be that much more interwoven into the gen-y-ers as a communicative and otherwise boilerplate medium. I’ve been talking with far-away people since I was 13, so it only seems natural that I’d try and find compatible people a bit more local using it. Really, it’s reverse for me, I’d never want to go to a coffee-shop, bookstore, or bar to meet people I hadn’t talked-to online first because I’d just be too shy and honestly I feel like it’s where a lot of guys go to troll for ass.

    Perhaps it’s the standard “well we don’t wanna be like your generation so we’re gonna reverse what’s legitimate and what’s illegitimate to define ourselves” sorta thing.

  3. JOHN Q. Says:

    Boy, I feel a definite generation chasm with the end of this show. The Dakota and Barbara thing – nope! Didn’t get that. I fear it goes along with the whole “Rent” thing – didn’t get that either. I have not seen it on stage, so am willing to give that the movie may not be the best realization of the story. Maybe I need to rent it again to give it another chance.

    Rob and David come across as a couple of nice guys. Hope they get another 33 to go with the 3 they’ve already had together.

  4. Rob / Audio Stimulation Says:

    thanks for the nice comments, boys! i hope we’ve made some new listeners out of you… and john q, don’t worry, we know barbara vs. dakota isn’t for everyone!

    thanks for having us on, ramble, it was a pleasure!

    Rob & David
    Audio Stimulation

  5. (F)reddy Says:

    Cleveland rocks!

    Are these guys still around??? I’ve never heard them mentioned on any other podcasts. They’re adorable. Don’t shit on people who met via the Internet!

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